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Samson God’s Mirror to Israel and the Believer
Every believer who has read the story of Samson knows that God had a special ministry for Samson
to perform. Samson was born as promised (v.24). His name, Samson (“distinguished” or “strong”)
was used of God to accomplish great feats of strength. It might be thought that he was a man with
great bulging muscles. That this is not the case is evident from the following considerations. (1)
The main point of the story of his life is that his strength was supernatural (v. 25; 14:6; 19; 15:14).
(2)  People were puzzled at the source of his strength and wondered what it was (16:5). (3) When he
actually lost his strength he did not know it until he tried to use it (v.20). (4) His strength
completely left him when his vow was broken (13:5; 16:19-22). The true source of Samson’s strength
was in the ministry of the spirit of God to him (13:25; 14:6; 15:14)

Samson is an illustration of what God can do with one totally surrendered and separated unto
Him. To the degree that the believer is separated to that degree he will have the strength of God
operating in his life. Samson also shows what happens when one goes back on his separation from
the world unto God. When Samson renounced his vow, he lost: (1) his power and strength (16:19);
(2) his liberty, honor, and dignity (3) his vision (v. 21); and
(4) his testimony (v. 23).

Interesting parallel can be drawn between the life of Samson and the nation of Israel. Samson was
a mirror in which the nation could see itself: (1) both were called to be Nazarites to God; (2) the
secret of strength in both was separation from the world and separation unto God; (3) God’s
strength was lost when the vow of separation was broken; (4) Samson was and Israel will be
restored to a place of God’s favor.

God used both the positive and the negative aspects of Samson’s life to purify Israel. His life stands
as an object lesson to the virtues and blessings of being totally separated unto God and as a tragic
warning of the dangers of leading a sinful life.

Scripture reading: Judges Chapter 13-16.
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