America Entrusted with the
Gospel of Jesus Christ?

If America is a type of Israel in the sense that as God had entrusted His Oracle to Israel's care in the same way
that He has entrusted the spreading of His Gospel to America, then it will be appropriate that we take our
lessons from the experiences of the children of Israel.

Israel’s Idolatry in the Land Given Her to Possess
Ezek. 11:1: Here we find that despite all the warnings from the prophets of The Lord to the spiritual leaders of
Israel, they remained unrepentant. This time the Spirit of God places Ezekiel in a place where he can see the
evils for himself. The spiritual leaders of Jerusalem feel quite safe, remain immersed in their transgressions,
and think only of material things—such as building more houses, more big building and mega buildings. Had
they taken God seriously their thoughts would hardly rest on such matters.

In their answer to the admonitions of the Lord, Israel’s leaders responded with this: “the Jerusalem City is the
cauldron, and we be the flesh’ i.e., ‘we are as safe in the city as flesh in a boiling pot; the walls of the city will
be to us as walls of brass, and shall receive no more damage from the besiegers about it that the cauldron
does from the fire under it.” Today America’s spiritual leaders say, “God has entrusted America with the
Gospel, and as long as America is spreading the Gospel to the nations of the world, the glory of God will not
depart from America.”

To those remarks by the leaders of Israel, thus saith the Lord. The Spirit of God fell upon Ezekiel and told him
to speak this phrase. “The bodies you have thrown in there are the meat and this city is the pot, but I will
drive you out of it, saith the Lord (Ezek. 11:3-17). The Holy Spirit is divine author of the Scriptures. He is God.
It is by Him that many of the words of the Old Testament attributed to the Lord were made. This is why Jesus
kept saying to His listeners that the Words are not His, but His Father’s. The Trinity is deeply involved in all
aspects of the word of God. Thus, whatever the Father says, or Jesus Christ says, or the Holy Spirit says, God

The captivity, which was occasioned by Israel’s idolatry, among other sins, effectually cured them of this
particular sin. Graven images, the worship of stones, sun and moon, and other flagrant idolatries ceased to
exist when Israel was restored to the land.
Ezekiel was told to carry his worldly possessions on his shoulders and start a journey. From this we learn that
he obeyed God cheerfully although he was not to learn the full intent of God’s purpose until the morning after
he began carrying his baggage. He held his worldly possessions loosely and was ready to do anything he could
to improve the spiritual state of God’s people. God’s servants must be willing and ready to perform difficult
and inconvenient tasks so that if even one person is converted, the effort is worthwhile.

Ezek. 9:3. Picking up from where we left off in our last study
“Will God Abandon America?” God foretells the
coming disaster on Jerusalem. And the glory of the God of Israel was gone up from the cherub, to the
threshold of, i.e., “above the entrance.” The glory of God filled the tabernacle and the Solomonic temple. Now
Ezekiel sees God’s glory departing from the temple. It hovered over the city and stopped for a time on the
Mount of Olives. God was leaving his people, and once the glory had left, the city was defenseless against its
enemies (Ezek. 9:3: 11:23). So will God abandon America if she does not heed to the warnings and repent
soon? And when God’s glory does leave, America will become defenseless.

All the people in the city who sigh and that cry are the remnant who disapproved of Jerusalem’s idolatry. God
had them marked for safety. As God’s agent of death proceeds, no one is to be spared except those who have
been specially marked (Ezek. 9:6).

The iniquity is great. The people are guilty and their guilt must be atoned. By their death the price is paid but
not in full; it will remain forever without the justice of God being satisfied.

Scripture Reading: Ezekiel Chapters 9, 10, 11.
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