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                                                                                                                                                                          “Where There Is No Vision, The People Perish” Proverbs 29:18.

To: Ministers of the gospel, churches, believers, Rabbis, Synagogues,
And all who seek The Lord God Almighty
(Ezekiel 3:17 – 21)

The Revelation of The Almighty God

                                                       OBSERVE THE FEASTS AND KEEP THE SABBATH DAY HOLY !!!

Please read the following without rushing through it; meditate on it to understand what The Lord God is trying to tell you! May
The Holy Spirit guide your heart as you do, Amen

On the 19th day of June, 2007, in a vision The Lord led me into the home of a Christian family whose guardian had
signed up for the family to worship on the Seventh Day of the week, instead of the First Day being Sunday their usual day
of worship. The guardian had earlier informed the rest of the family, that instead of the usual Sunday as the day of
worship, the family shall henceforth be observing the Seventh Day of the week as the day of worship, and not on a
Sunday the first day of the week. On being given the news, the members of this family became upset and outraged over
the news of the change of the day of worship. They strongly argued with the guardian and questioned the reason for the
change. They were all opposed to the idea of the change of the day of worship from Sunday to Saturday.  They argued
that they have always worshipped on Sundays! “We have always worshipped on Sundays,” they maintained in their
objections to all the explanations the guardian put before them.

As The Lord led me into this Christian family home, I then began to explain to them that although it is true that the
Christian Church has been worshipping on Sundays, but that the Church was really supposed to worship on the Seventh
Day as the early Church did, on Saturday, and that Shabbat means Sabbath, and Sabbath is on Saturday.  However, this
family continued to argue that they have worshipped on Sundays all their lives, and would not want to have it changed
now. Again, I explained to the members of this household that the Christians’ real day of worship is on a Saturday as
commanded by the Almighty God.  I said to them, "the Seventh Day is Shabbat and Shabbat is the Sabbath, and therefore
the day of worship." That The Lord rested on the Seventh Day which is the Sabbath, and that He commanded us to keep
it holy, and that Sunday is the first day of the week and not the seventh day. Therefore, the day of worship for the
Christian church is on Saturday and not on Sunday.  I informed the members of this Christian family that God was not the
author of the change of the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday, but that men in disobedience to the Law of God
made the change on their own to suit their own selfish purposes. After all my explanations to this Christian family on how
the Church came to be worshipping on Sundays instead of Saturdays, they remained adamant and again argued about
Sunday being the day they have always worshipped. While I was still speaking to this Christian family, a man entered the
room from the rear entrance of the house. He was holding a baby in his hand, of whom He loved so much and cared for
so much; even as he spoke to the whole family in confirmation of the words that I had spoken to them. The man said to
the members of the Christian family,
“I had told your guardian this before, the Sabbath is on Saturday, the day of
worship, and that Shabbat means Sabbath!”
 Thus, confirming my exact words to this family. Then the man still holding
the baby walked out through the front door of the house. And as I was leaving the home of the Christian family, I said,
“me and my house shall henceforth observe the Sabbath as The Lord our God has commanded; on the seventh day and
not on the first day of the week.”

After all these things, then the voice of The Lord said unto me,
“the days of seven, the multiple of sevens.”  “If you were
not observing these, days gone, now that you have achieved the priesthood; the cloth of Levites”.  “Make obeisance to
The Lord of the Sabbath, The Most High God, on the Sabbath,” “I AM”  “I do not change, and My Word do not change.  
Neither do I become modified or modernized, nor does the meaning of My Word change or diminish.  I do not get
civilized, or simplified, neither does My Word weaken or change in its meaning, strength or power.  Evil men and women
invent their own heretic teachings to soothe their conscience, their desires, and their lifestyles.  My people must not be
deceived by these heretic and erroneous teachings, which are the tools of satan, which he will use to deceive many.
Those who heed My words and My warnings, and keep My commandments shall find peace and contentment, and I will
hear and answer them when they call upon My name, and will deliver them in the days of great evil on earth,”
saith the
Lord of Hosts.


The Spirit of The Lord interpreted the above message to me as follows:  

"The Man and the Baby who came into the home of the Christian family from the rear entrance of the house and left
through the front door while I was speaking to them, was God the Father holding His only begotten son Jesus Christ.  
Every man and king in those days expected him to be born in the house of an earthly king or a rich man. They expected
Jesus to make a big entrance into the world through the worldly front door, and to sit and reign on an earthly throne.  
But God came to us in His son Jesus Christ, and through the back door.  He entered this world in a humble status and
hence he was born in a manger.  He left through the front door in His resurrection and ascension into heaven.  The
guardian of the household represents the ministers of the Gospel and of the churches. The children of the household,
male and female are the Christians and the congregations of the Church of Jesus Christ.  The proclamation about
observing the feasts and keeping the Sabbath holy; the “days of seven, the multiple of sevens which is the feast of
Weeks/Pentecost, and also the feast of Passover and the feast of Tabernacles, are for His Children to keep in practice
and not in words or mere reading of references of these in the bible verses.  As a prophet of The Living God, I am to
proclaim the Lords instructions to the churches and to all Christians to honor the commandment of God in obedience to
His Word. Many will argue and question why, in ignorance or in defiance of God’s divine instructions and
commandments.  But as the prophet of The Most High God, I must continue to proclaim His Word even in the presence of
defiance, ignorance, argument, or disobedience. The Lord will confirm His Word through the Holy Spirit to every believer
who obeys Him and honors His instructions."  

Our Father Abraham

On the 5th day of February 2007, as I pondered over all that The Lord had said, and all that He had done, and the ways
of The Lord; the voice of The Lord said unto me, “Abram” I meditated over this to understand what The Lord meant. I
asked The Lord to elaborate on His Word. Then on the 15th day of February 2007, as I sat down to work on my laptop
computer, I again pondered over the words of The Lord and His ways as I do often. Immediately, in a trance, The Lord
showed me Abraham (our forefather) in his environment in the old days during late afternoon.  He was sitting outside his
tent further out inside the compound, and it was a very large compound.  Sarah his wife was in the veranda of the family
tent doing things like preparing meal, etc.  And I saw the rest of the family’s tents further out and around this very large
compound across from Abraham’s tent, where his servants and their wives and children lived.  And the children were all
playing in front of those tents in the compound across from Abraham’s tent.  I saw Abraham sitting in peacefulness of
spirit, in a peaceful and serene environment, with random peaceful chats and exchanges across with his family (servants
and their families) who where sitting in front of their tents opposite him.  Abraham was dark in complexion with scant
gray hair, healthy and strong looking.  I pondered over all The Lord had shown me in my mind. On the following day, the
16th of March 2007, I prayed and said, Lord I have not quite understood the full meaning of the trance you showed me
about Abraham.  As I spoke to The Lord in prayer, the voice of The Lord said unto me,
“Sodom and Gomorrah.”  “As
Abraham sat in front of his tent pondering over his goings with Me, and all My promises to him, he had not yet had
Isaac.  As Abraham sat before his tent and pondered over these things, I, The Lord appeared to him in Trinity.  After
Abraham ministered unto the Lord his God, I blessed him and gave him a definite time when Isaac was to be conceived
and born.  I, The Lord told Abraham about the impending destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the evil and the
abomination of Sodom and Gomorrah. I also spared Lot for Abraham’s sake.  As I told Abraham about the judgment of
Sodom and Gomorrah, so I am telling you (this prophet) today, to warn the churches, ministers of the gospel, all people
and nations about the evil and the abomination in the churches, among the ministers and their congregations, among
people and nations, and My judgment to come.”
And The Lord showed me in a trance how Sarah was able to conceive at 90 years old.  The Lord showed me Abraham
and Sarah as they were lying down in their bed in their tent and it was raining heavily.  The Lord showed me how He
made Abraham’s and Sarah’s bodies, skin and tissue to absorb moisture and strength, and youth, so that Sarah
conceived and bore Isaac.  And The Lord showed me young Isaac as a handsome, matured young man and getting
married; the marriage ceremony, and Isaac being very happy and pleased with his wife Rebecca, and how Isaac bore
Jacob afterwards.  And The Lord showed me Jacob’s tent and many other tents stretching out from one end of Jacob's
tent in a circle to the other end of Jacob's tent and covering a very large area, with multitude of his family members: his
children, his children’s children, his servants, and his servant’s children, and their households; a great multitude. And The
Lord said,
“the generation and lineage of My faithful servants shall neither perish nor diminish until I come.  I will satisfy
My faithful servants who teach their children My Word and My ways with children who will love and honor them as their
parents.  I will bless and prosper the household of My true servants and their generations that serve Me with all their
heart and soul.  And I shall curse all that cause My true and faithful servants and shall destroy them that seek their lives
to destroy it.  See that you harbor no guile or deceit in your heart before Me,”
saith The Lord of Hosts.

The Feasts Are for God’s Children to Observe

On the 4th day of February 2007, the voice of The Lord said to me, “I want you all to make a feast of celebration and of
thanksgiving for your deliverance, your victories and your blessings.  You are to celebrate your own Passover with
anniversary, you and your generations, year after year.  You will teach your generations to observe these things in My
name, year after year.  The feast of Tabernacles is for My children to keep.  Observe the feasts and keep the sabbath

On the 11th day of April 2007 as I prayed about the instructions of The Lord regarding the Feasts, The Lord showed me
in a vision, the children of Israel in the old days celebrating the feast of the first fruits.  I saw the men – heads of
households gather together; this was the first part of the feast of the first fruits.  I saw the Levite Priest holding a farm
harvest proceeds in his hand.  He gave a piece of the harvest to each of the head of households gathered in front of him
after they have glorified The Lord, the Priest blessed the first fruits of the harvest.  They were to take their piece home to
their families and celebrate the feast of the first fruits, as well as eat the rest of the gathered first fruits in their homes.  
The small piece each person received and took home blessed their homes and multiplied their future harvests. The Lord
showed me that it is a solemn, hallowed, and highly esteemed celebration with deep spiritual meaning, reverence,
devotion and humility before The Most High God.

The Deceptions of Occultism

On the 9th day of March 2007, in a vision, The Lord showed me how people including Christians are lured into cult places
and false religions in disguise.  I saw these cult members lure unsuspecting victims to cult places, social events and
ceremonies in disguise.  And I saw their devilish signs and symbols disguised to look acceptable by the simple-minded
and the unsuspecting victim.  I saw them simplify and socialize all occult rituals and disguise them as social events,
meetings, parties, clubs and forums.  Their real cult practices are hidden from people until they have become deeply
involved and indebted to the cult, and have sold their souls to the cult indirectly that they cannot leave.  I saw the cult
entice people with generous gifts, loans, etc. I saw the cult research unsuspecting victims to find out what material needs
they and their families have, and things they lack and desire most.  And I saw the cult generously supply these material
needs, and provide them with free and very low interest loans, and gifts to keep them indebted to the cult organizations
that they cannot walk away; before they reveal the true nature of their cult practices. Then, The Lord showed me a Spirit-
filled servant of God brought by a friend to visit her.  As she walked through the halls and through the rooms, she saw
many other co-workers and acquaintances she knew from work and from other places in the course of her daily
activities.  Every one of them gave her a warm welcome smile and nodding of head in approval for her coming.  She was
surprised to see that all these people she knew from elsewhere belonged to the same secret cult.  As soon as the servant
of God got to the last and innermost room, she stood at the door and observed two of the cult leaders in the room.  They
signaled each other to hide and disguise things, including their occult symbols and signs in the room, and to deny their
real motives and practices.  But the servant of God discerned their deceit and understood that they were a cult and said;
“you are a cult”!  “I am a servant of God and a Christian,”  “I cannot be a part of your cult practices or group.”  The cult
leaders continued to deny and to disguise their occult symbols and practices, purposefully to deceive, but the servant of
God stood her grounds and maintained that she belongs to The Most High God and walked away from them.  And The
Lord said;
“beware of cult friends in disguise, who entice and lure people into the devil’s fold with false pretences.  Many
have been lured into cults because of their lusts for material things and impatience.  I will hold every man and every
woman, young and old accountable for their deeds, and for their negligence. Be wise and be prudent, test the spirits and
discern if they are of Me, and remove yourself from among the children of the devil.”  “Beware!”
saith The Lord of

The Tagging of Individuals and the Masses

On the 14th day of March 2007, the word of The Lord came to me saying, “There will be implanted chips and tagging that
set people apart from each other.  They will be designed to set the politician apart from the technician, the lawyer apart
from the trader, the doctor apart from the teacher, the engineer apart from the laborer, the clergy apart from the layman,
and so on.”
 And I saw these differentiations in implanted chips and tagging not as a complement but as a separation of
class and status, and the degree of expendability at different levels and classes of citizens in all nations.  I saw great
oppression of people in various forms in the nations of the world.  And I saw a great outcry from the oppressed.  

My Children Be Advised

On the 17th day of May 2007, the word of The Lord came to me saying, “no one who is My true servant should be made
ashamed of proclaiming My name and My true word.  Neither would they allow themselves to be drawn away by material
wealth, position, or worldly recognition, nor allow themselves to be shut up and silenced from preaching sound doctrine
by entangling themselves with the new world order, and the antichrist movement; the enemies of Jesus Christ and
righteousness, and the occult organizations by falling into their enticing material wealth traps.  My servants must focus on
My plan and not their own desires.  When you focus on your own desires, you run into conflict with what you want to be
and what you want to have, against what My will, and My plan and purpose is for your life.  When you allow yourself to
be made ashamed to serve Me or to proclaim My name, or to recant your former faith or beliefs that are right before Me,
which you have previously confessed in My name, then you have denied Me, and My spirit will no longer dwell in you,”

saith The Lord of Hosts.  And I saw many ministers and believers caught in the net of the new world order because of
their lusts and their carnal desires.  

The Anti-Christ Organizations

On the 5th day of June 2007, The Lord showed me the agents of the antichrist, comprising of individuals and
corporations pouring money and other resources into the efforts of exposition of the church, weak believers, and weak
ministers of the gospel.  I saw the antichrist movement doing everything in addition to propagating, promoting and
spreading falsehood, and distorting the history of Christianity, Jesus Christ’s ministry and His sinless life; with the goal of
tarnishing the image of the church, instilling doubt in people’s minds, and discouraging sinners from repentance.  And
The Lord said,
“it is a carefully orchestrated movement in which the perpetrators are convinced they will succeed and get
away with.  Therefore, let all who believe in My Word and in My name stand firm lest they fall in the days of
unprecedented evil and heresy,”
saith The Lord.

The Global New World Order & The Anti-Christ Movement    

On the 24th day of June 2007, in a trance, The Lord showed me the world, its environment and its affairs rotating in a
slow anti-clockwise motion, and under the strong grip of the antichrist movement, and the global new world order.  And
The Lord said,
“required”  “socialism” “people will be oppressed and subjected to various kinds of injustices by the
system of the global new world order and the antichrist movement in every nation on the pretext that the government is
trying to help its people.  The word, ‘required’ will be attached to every evil concept or innovation, and will be tied to
many necessities of daily living and things people cannot do without to force them to participate. The global new world
order and the antichrist movement will gradually, and cunningly force people to participate in these evil innovations and
evil concepts in the name of ‘socialism’, ‘welfare of the people’, and protection of the people.  It will be masked as social
welfare in disguise.  It will be called help, protection, provisions or subsidy for the society, but it will be an evil means for
manipulating and subjecting people, and a controlling effort that will be used to neutralize the power of the people from
objecting to, and from revolting against the evil laws, innovations and institutions,”
saith The Lord.        

Economic and Financial Trap for the Western World

On the 9th day of July, in a trance The Lord showed me where China set an economic and financial trap for the United
States and the West.  I saw China entice the United States and the Western Countries as one would do to a chicken with
grains of corn, and trapped them all. I saw China cunningly entice them into a room in a conference; purposefully to
gather everyone into one spot and trap them in a situation with no possibility of escape.  And I saw China cunningly
guard the entrance door with a deceitful and cunning smile on their faces; with the intention of trapping everyone, and
then afterwards will explode an economic and financial bomb with everyone trapped inside. There was no escape from
this trap.  And The Lord said,
“this system is over.” “Anyone heeding anything about Daniel the prophet?” “No one!, no
nation!, no government or ruler!, heeds anything about the prophesies of Daniel the prophet.”  “I come quickly, My
reward is in My hand, to repay everyone according to the works they have done. He who has ear to hear, let him hear,”

saith The Lord of Hosts.

Secret Atomic Testing and Incineration of People

On the 1st day of August 2007, in a vision The Lord showed me a nuclear experiment and a deliberate testing that
involved atom.  The perpetrators and testers of this atomic material were fully aware of the deadly potentials of this
atomic nuclear substance, but secretly tested it.  Only a few top ranking people knew about this testing.  And I saw the
leader of this nuclear project sneaky; with a cynical smile on his face, he released this nuclear material in a neighborhood
where people lived, and incinerated a very large area, and killed a great number of helpless, unsuspecting people,
including children.  I saw a chaotic situation among the people who survived, and were frantically looking for their
children and relatives.  It was so chaotic that some children who were found got lost again.  The perpetrators of this
nuclear devastation purposefully released this in a particular area to cause this massive destruction, and then afterwards
released another type of molecule to contain the spreading of radiation.  The Lord showed me that they knew ahead of
time what the resultant effect and the extent of destruction would be prior to releasing this atomic material.  And I saw
great panic and many people looking for their children and relatives, but couldn't find them.  And I saw some lost
wandering children who survived the nuclear incineration bulldozed into the nuclear rubbles, and they died in the heat of
the nuclear residue and radiation.   And I saw survivors displaced without homes to return to; their homes and
properties having been destroyed.  And The Lord said,
“My children must not be a part of this or any type of evil and
atrocity against other people; whether through their jobs, work places, or otherwise against any people or any nation.  
My true servants must not partake in any efforts that bring destruction to others which are set forth by evil people and
evil leaders in the nations of the world,” saith The Most High God.

On the 23rd day of August 2007,  I read and pondered over the instructions of The Lord which He instructed us on the
4th day of February 2007, in which The Lord said;
"I want you all to make a feast of celebration and of thanksgiving for
your deliverance, your victories and your blessings. You are to celebrate your own Passover with anniversary, you and
your generations, year after year.  You will teach your generations to observe these things in My name, year after year.  
The feast of Tabernacles is for My children to keep."
 As I pondered over these instructions of The Most High God, the
word of The Lord came to me saying
; "your celebration of your deliverance and your victories is your feast of Passover,
your celebration of thanksgiving is your feast of weeks, and your celebration of your blessings is your feast of
Tabernacles.  Do as I have commanded thee."  "Many who call themselves My children, My people, My servants, and My
ministers have continually disobeyed My Word in defiance of My commandment to all, to honor the Sabbath day and to
keep it holy,"
 saith The Most High.

These are the words and the revelations of The Lord God Almighty by His prophet.

Dr. Deborah Flint

My Commission:
…….Then The Lord said unto me His servant, “follow after Jeremiah, you are like the Hebrew; for thou shall go to all that I shall send thee, and
whatsoever I command thee thou shall speak and shall write.  Do not be afraid of them or their faces, neither be ye discouraged nor be
intimidated by the words or the reaction of some; for ‘I AM’ have sent thee, and I am with thee to deliver thee.  My presence shall be with thee
to deliver My Word with signs, miracles, and wonders of the ancient of days … and I am thy witness.”
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