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The End Result of Anarchy
(3) Immorality and cowardly priesthood permitted the brutal
sexual violation of his concubine rather than to protect her with
his own life (chap. 19). (4) Homosexuals, rape, and murder--the
depraved Benjamites who lived in Gibeah were practicing
homosexuals, who desired to have sexual relations with the
priest but settled for gang-raping his concubine which ultimately
resulted in her death (
vers. 21-28). (5) A grisly butchering--the
Levite cut up the corpse of his concubine and sent a chunk of
her body to each of the tribes of Israel together with a report of
what had happened (
vv. 29-30). (6) Shock--Israel was shocked
at the depths of degradation to which it had sunk (v. 30). (7)
Vengeance--Israel was galvanized into action to punish the men
of Benjamin for what they had done (this is probably the only
redeeming feature in the entire narrative) (20:1-12). (8) Civil
war and mass death--instead of delivering up the guilty
offenders, Benjamin decided to protect them. This resulted in a
civil war in which Israel lost 40,000 men (10 percent of its total
army) and Benjamin lost 25,100--only 600 men remained in all
the tribe of Benjamin (chap. 20). (9) Rash vows--in anger the
men of Israel made an oath not to permit any of their daughters
to marry one of the men of Benjamin (21:1-6). (10) Murder and
contrived marriages--so that the name of Benjamin would not
vanish into extinction the men of Israel murdered every man and
woman of Jabesh-gilead except for 400 young virgins whom
they gave to 400 of the men of Benjamin and arranged for the
200 remaining to “kidnap” wives during the festival held at
Shiloh (21:7-24).

This sordid pages in the Book of Judges and these sordid blots
on Israel's history demonstrate what man does when a people
or a nation make laws that are in opposition to God laws of
restraint;” laws which allow every man to do that which is “ right
in his own eyes” (
v. 25). The result is sorrow and bondage for
all. Anarchy is not good for the individual or the nation. True
freedom for our nation and the nations of the world is found
only in restraint. Only in looking into “the perfect law of liberty”
and doing what God says to do is there true freedom and

Scripture reading: Judges Chapters 9, 17-21
When a people or a nation makes laws that are in opposition to
the laws of God, the end result of anarchy is realized. In this
study, we shall once again learn from the experiences of the
children of Israel of old, the custodians of the Word of God.

In the book of Judges Chapter 17 we read that at one time in the
history of Israel, everyone did what they thought was right in
their eyes. So what would it be like if everyone in our nation and
in the nations of the world today could do anything he or she
wanted to do, anytime he or she wanted to do it?  To some that
might sound like the ultimate of freedom and utopia itself.
Unfortunately, that is where we all are headed as the New World
Order system of government progresses. The New World Order
has declared it as “anything goes” kind of system; a time when
everyone could do anything he or she wants to do anytime he or
she wants to do it.

Consider these statements. “In those days there was no king in
Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes”
(17:6). In those days there was no king in Israel” (18:1), “There
was no magistrate in the land, that might put them to shame in
anything” (v. 7). “And there was no deliverer” (v. 28); “There was
no king in Israel” (19:1). “In those days there was no king in
Israel, every man did that which was right in his own eyes” (21:
25). To the libertine it would seem as if his dreams had indeed
come true. He could do whatever he wanted to do without fear of
rebuke, condemnation, or chastisement. He would feel as if he
were truly free.

At least there was no king and there was no magistrate. But in
the New World Order system of government that is coming soon,
there will be kings and magistrates who would do nothing to
restrain evil, but they will encourage the creation and the
perpetration of evil with clear knowledge of the end result.

We do not have to wonder what man would do in such a
circumstance for that was exactly the situation at the end of the
period of the Judges. What did freedom from restraint produce?
Apart from the dreadful things encountered in the opening 16
chapters of the book of Judges for which God delivered the
people into bondage at lease seven times, we find in chapters
17-21 that anarchy produced: (1) idolatry and rebellion against
God--the private practice of one’s god of his own creation with
his own personal priest--all contrary to the worship of Jehovah
God (chap. 17). (2) Defection--the entire tribe of Dan stole
Micah’s worship and his private priest and worshiped Micah’s
graven image until they were taken away in the Assyrian
captivity (chap. 18, v.30).
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