One day (Lev. 23:5)

Unleavened Bread
Seven days (Lev. 23:9-14)

First Fruits
One day (Lev. 23:15-22)

One day (Lev23:23-25

One days (Lev. 23:23-25)

Day of Atonement
One day (Lev. 23:26-32)

Seven days (Lev 23:33-43)
What It Celebrates

When God spared the lives of Israel's firstborn
children in Egypt and freed the Hebrews from

The Exodus from Egypt free from the enclave
of sinful life unto the salvation of our God.

The first crops of the harvest

The end of the barley harvest and beginning of
the wheat harvest. The giving of the Law

The beginning of the seventh month
(civil new year)

The removal of sin from the people and the

God's protection and guidance in trouble times.
The Feast of ingathering; the LORD's Harvest.
Its Importance to Our Faith

The feast of the Passover (Lev. 23:4-8). This
speaks of Calvary (1 Cor. 5:7).

Reminded the people and us they were
leaving the old life behind and entering a new
way of living

Reminded the people and us how God
provided for them, and of the Resurrection
(Lev. 23:9-24;1 Cor. 15:23).

Showed joy and thanksgiving over the
bountiful harvest and of the coming of the
Holy Spirit (Lev. 13:15-22; Acts 2).

Expressed joy and thanksgiving to God and of
the Rapture and Second Coming (Lev.
23:23-25; 1 Thess. 4:13-18).

Restored fellowship with God  and of the
Tribulation (Lev. 23:26-32; Rev. 6-19). In the
Hebrew this is Yom Kippur.

Renewed God's people commitment to God
and trust in his guidance and protection. This
also speaks of the Millennium ((Lev. 23:33-34;
Rev. 20:1-6).
The Feasts: Besides enjoying one Sabbath day of rest each week, all God's children are to enjoyed 19 days when these
holidays are celebrated.
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