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                                                                  "Where There Is No Vision, The People Perish” Proverbs 29:18.

To: Ministers of the gospel, churches, believers, Rabbis, Synagogues, Priests,
and all who seek The Lord God Almighty
(Ezekiel 3:18 – 21)

The Revelation of The Almighty God


On the 8th day of December 2006, the voice of The Lord said to me, “Judgment of the Nations”. “I will judge the nations of the
world according to the degree of their rebellion and abomination against Me, The Lord God Almighty.  Every nation, every man
and every woman, the young and the old according to their works, and their iniquities before Me.  From the minister who
stands in the pulpit to the member who sits in the pew and deceive themselves and others, to the politician and the law maker,
who deals and decrees unrighteousness; those who enact the laws of the land that encourage people to sin, to the rebellious
man and woman in the street who have ignored My warnings and the teachings of My servants who proclaim My true word,
and have sold themselves to a life of rebellion, sin and abomination.  I will judge fully every nation, every man and every
woman according to their deeds.  I will hold accountable every member of the household of the gospel minister and the
layman who have joined in the rebellion and disobedience against Me, The Lord God, except they turn away from their
rebellious ways.  In every household, I will show mercy on them that seek Me and serve Me with all their heart and with all their
saith The Lord of Hosts.

On the 11th day of December 2006, the word of The Lord came to me saying,
“I will prune and purge the church”.  “I will
separate the wheat from the chaff.  I will put My mark on all My faithful servants; on every man and woman, young and old who
serve Me faithfully.  My mark and seal shall set My own apart from the rebellious, and from the workers of iniquity; the children
of darkness”,
saith The Lord.  

On the 20th day of December 2006, during our regular evening worship, the Bishop was preaching a sermon from the Acts of
the Apostles chapter 2. After the first few verses were read, the Bishop began to preach about the day of the Pentecost, the
Holy Ghost, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  As the Bishop was preaching, I silently continued reading through the rest of the
verses in Acts Chapter 2, beginning from the first verse.  As I read through to verses 19, 20, and 21, which reads:  

 " And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath;
blood and fire, and vapour of  smoke: The sun shall be turned into darkness,
and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of The Lord come:
And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of The Lord
shall be saved"

The Lord instantly took a paragraph and the wordings of His message contained in a previous Holy Spirit Advantage Prophetic
Ministries’ (HSAPM) Prophesy letter published by this Prophet in November 2006, which reads:

(       On the 19th day of September 2006, in a vision, The Lord showed me where an                 )         
(        airborne nuclear chemical/toxin was released in this nation.  I saw many lives lost            )
(        and dead bodies scattered on the streets.  Those people who where outside going            )
(        about their businesses at the time of the nuclear incident/attack died in massive               )
(        numbers; people dropped dead wherever they were.  I saw people who happened              )
(        to be inside during this airborne deadly nuclear event survive more, especially those       )   
(        in solid buildings and complexes with more air-tight construction, and solid buildings     )
(        with tight-sealed glass windows.  After the nuclear incident/attack, water had                     )
(        to be cleared by authorities as safe for people to drink or use before they did so.              )
(        It had to be declared safe for people who were inside and did survive the                          )
(        nuclear attack to come outside.   And I saw some hard hit areas that received                    )                            
(        heavy doses of the nuclear material cause illnesses in people even after those                  )
(        areas were cleared for access and dwelling.  After the nuclear attack, I saw massive           )
(        number of law enforcement personnel on the streets checking people and cars,                )
(        and being rough, and brutal.  And I saw check points set up everywhere, and there           )
(        was enormous traffic congestion on the roads.  It was chaotic and hard for people to        )
(        move around or drive from one place to the other because of traffic congestion,                )
(        check points, and the brutality of the law enforcers.  Many were forced to seek                   )
(        undesirable alternative routes and means of getting to their destinations.  And                  )
(        I saw a multitude of people who were highly inconvenienced and disgruntled.                   )

The above paragraph from the previous Prophesy letter was suddenly superimposed over the bible passage that I was
reading, with the whole paragraph placed in an oversized parenthesis. I inquired of The Lord the meaning of this, and The
Lord said;
“man shall destroy himself by his own hands.  The instrument of destruction shall come upon man by man’s own
evil creation and his own evil works, in the fullness of his iniquity”,
saith The Lord of Hosts.

On the 21st day of December 2006, the word of The Lord came to me again saying, “The instrument of destruction shall come
upon man by his own evil creation and in the fullness of his iniquity”.

On the 23rd day of December 2006, The Lord showed me how some gospel ministers would stop their ears and some would
close their minds after listening to, or reading the prophecies in the Prophecy letters from this ministry; how they would say, “I
don’t want to hear any of these”.  I saw some of these people and ministers tear the Prophecy letters and threw them away.  
Some were saying to themselves: “I have not done anything wrong even though I do this and that (naming things and ways
they have erred before The Lord), I am doing it because of this and that”; making excuses and justifying their sins before The
Lord Almighty.  Hear the words of The Lord God;
“search your own hearts and turn from your hidden sins that beset you and
have eaten deep into your bones and your soul.  Your secret sins which are hidden from the eyes of men are very naked
before Me.  In the day I will judge the inhabitants of the earth and the nations of the world, I will judge every man and every
woman fully according to their works, and every nation fully according to their deeds.  Turn from your evil, and from your
sinful ways that you may escape My wrath in the day of My judgment”,
saith The Lord of Hosts.

On the 4th day of February 2007, the voice of The Lord said to me,
“fornication and adultery”.  I inquired of The Lord the
meaning of this.  And The Lord said,
“fornication and adultery in the churches; among those who call themselves ministers of
My gospel, and among the members of the congregation.  Fornication and adultery in holy places!  Many ministers of the
gospel have defiled themselves and have become ineffective in their work.  They have become spiritual carcasses, shells, and
skeletons without substance and My Spirit do not dwell in them, neither do they work for Me any longer.  My hand of judgment
shall come upon these ministers and churches except they turn away from fornication and from their adulterous ways.  I will
prune and purge the churches.  When you see things happening in these places that  bring reproach and shame to My name;
when you see things happening to these false and sinful ministers and those who sin with them; My faithful servants should
neither be moved nor be troubled, but know that it is My hand of judgment that is upon them that pollute My holy places and
bring reproach unto My name”,
saith The Lord God.

On the 5th day of February 2007, the voice of The Lord said to me,
“conscious deception”.  “There is conscious deception in
many churches from many false ministers who present themselves as My servants and ministers of My gospel, and preachers
of My word when they are not. They present themselves as ministers of light, but they are the ministers of darkness. They
have deceived many who have allowed themselves to be deceived because of their lusts and their desire to live in sin, and
they commit abomination before Me. There is conscious deception among those who occupy the high seats of the leadership
of the land; those who make and enforce the laws of the land, and those who work with them. They lead many astray by their
unrighteous works and by their unrighteous laws, thereby enabling people to live in sin, and commit abomination and idolatry
before Me.  I will judge everyone fully according to their deeds and according to their works”,
saith The Lord of Hosts.

On the 19th day of February 2007, the voice of The Lord said to me
“sacrilege”.  “Many who call themselves ministers of the
gospel partake in secret cult rituals and sacrilege in devilish high places.  Yet they openly present themselves as ministers of
My church”.
 As I pondered over this, The Lord said, “dangerous”  “these false ministers are dangerous in the midst of My
people.  They are wolves that come in sheep cloak.  They hide among the sheep.  They deceive and prey on the weak and the
gullible, and even deceive the strong in their moment of weakness”,
saith The Lord.     

On the 20th day of February 2007, after I prayed about the commencement of the lent that was to begin on the 21st of February
2007, in commemoration of the Life and ministry of Jesus Christ and of the forty days and forty nights He spent in the
wilderness praying and fasting; in a vision, The Lord showed me a foundation being laid and a high pillar was dug in and
driven deep into the ground.  As I watched, The Lord said,
“the Lent, a period of forty days of prayer and fasting in
commemoration of the time Jesus Christ prayed and fasted forty days and forty nights in the wilderness, His ministry, leading
to His crucifixion on the cross, His death, His burial, and His resurrection and ascension into heaven, as well as His birth, is a
foundation laid centuries ago by a few of My faithful servants, under the watchful eyes of many evil minded men and
hypocrites; those who professed My name and at the same time had one foot in the devil’s kingdom.  These evil people went
along with these institutions because they wanted to make a name and fame for themselves among My people, and at the
same time with the children of darkness in the secret cult places, where they regularly took part in devilish rituals.  They went
along because they thought the lent commemoration and other celebrations of Jesus Christ will be short-lived, and eventually
fade away.  But little did they know that centuries later, My faithful servants will continue in their commitment and loyalty to the
name of Jesus Christ.  In time to come, the children of darkness will abolish celebrations of Christ's birth, the lent in
remembrance of His forty days and forty nights fasting in the wilderness and His victory over Satan, His death, His life and
ministry, His death, resurrection, and ascension into heaven, and even the name of Jesus Christ from many writings as well as
many places. They will forbid people from mentioning the name of Jesus Christ and from professing His teachings and His
legacy.  They will even provide substantial incentives to false ministers and false churches who would agree to cunningly and
subtly distract and remove all these important factors and pillars of the Christian faith from their sermons and teachings.  The
forces of evil and the agents of darkness will mobilize themselves as never before, and will work very hard to erase the name
of Jesus Christ, His life, His ministry, His death, His resurrection and ascension from the books and from the hearts and
memory of men (people), and will especially succeed in confusing the new generations, and the lustful – those that have
chosen to live according to the flesh, and are ruled by the works of the flesh.  There will be abundance of evil, abomination,
and idolatry as has never been seen before. They will seek to delete everything that pertains to the name of Jesus Christ from
the books and to wipe it away from the memory of men and of all people.  They will work tirelessly to entice and draw massive
number of people into secrets cults and idol worship, and many would follow them. This will bring My hand of judgment upon
the earth, and it shall indeed be bitter upon all the people and the nations that will be caught in this evil deed, idolatry and the
abomination before Me”, The Most High God”,
saith The Lord of Hosts.
“But the name of Jesus Christ will live in the minds and hearts of My faithful servants and will remain fresh and vivid as bright
day light in their memories.  And they shall teach their offspring and their generations about Me, their Lord and their God.  And
they will continue in the solemn commemoration, and in the remembrance of Jesus Christ, and shall walk in His footsteps.  I
will be their shield and their protector, and I will put My mark and My seal upon their foreheads, and will watch over them day
and night”,
saith The Lord God Almighty.
“All My children all over the world should use the period of lent as a time of sincere and solemn fasting and prayer, and
sanctification throughout the Christendom.  It must be a time of true spiritual revival, re-dedication, sanctification and spiritual
up-liftment. It should be a time of victory against evil, against the forces of darkness of this world, against principalities and
powers, and against spiritual wickedness in high places”.
 And The Lord showed me His true church as a mighty army
marching to war, fully equipped with the power of the Most High God, ready to war and to win against the forces of evil in the
churches and around them.  
“All true ministers of the gospel must sanctify themselves before Me, and smoothen the rough
edges in their lives that they may be effective in their work, and so that you are not blackmailed by the devil and the children of
saith The Lord of Hosts.  

On the 20th day of February 2007, the word of The Lord came to me saying,
“the agents of darkness, the workers of evil will in
time to come abolish and obliterate many things that pertain to Jesus Christ and things that glorify His name. They will
succeed in many ways among them and around them.  They will also be helped and be enabled by the hypocrites; false and
evil men and women who have planted themselves in the churches to deceive those who have allowed themselves to be
deceived. But the name of Jesus Christ will live in the hearts and minds of My children, He will reign supreme among them and
their generations.  They will teach all people my ways and share My word from their hearts and from their archives.  All my
children must make an archive of My true word, and all things that are true and pertain to My perfect word.  Make an archive of
the authorized King James Version of the Bible as much as possible.  For these will be scarce in time to come.  Everywhere
will be flooded with altered versions of the bible which are not My true word.  Do not allow yourselves to be deceived, for the
battle to deceive many will become more fierce than ever.  My faithful servants must equip themselves with My word, and My
spirit. He that has ear to hear, let him hear”,
saith The Lord of Hosts.

On the 28th day of February 2007, the word of The Lord came to me saying,
“some of the people who are actively involved in
the exposition of the false Gospel ministers and the founders of this nation who were unfaithful to Me and those involved in
secret cults, have ulterior motives in their exposition efforts”.
 And The Lord said, “there are also those who are sincere
believers, who are involved in the expositions of evil, having become heart-broken because of the deceit in the wolves among
the sheep in the churches.  But there are also many others who are making every effort in their expositions purposefully, to
discredit the church as a body, to discourage the weak, and to provide an excuse for unrepentant sinners to continue in their
sinful ways”,
saith The Lord.

On the 3rd day of March 2007, in a vision, the Lord showed me a minister who was drunken with life enjoyment, success, and
wealth. But after reading the prophesies and warnings of The Lord by this Prophet, which was sent to him through the Holy
Spirit Advantage Prophetic Ministries (HSAPM), he started laughing being drunken with his success. As he laughed, I could
see that all his front teeth were missing, signifying the nakedness of his disobedience and evil deeds before The Lord, and
then he said, "how could this be?  These things will not happen, all these cannot be."  I also saw many other ministers and lay
people who were making excuses for their sins and wrong doings before The Lord, and were still living in sin instead of
repentance. And the voice of The Lord said to them,
“you have no excuse,”  “do not make excuses”.  

These are the words and the revelations of The Lord God Almighty by His prophet.

Dr. Deborah Flint

My Commission:
…….Then The Lord said unto me His servant, “follow after Jeremiah, you are like the Hebrew; for thou shall go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command
thee thou shall speak and shall write.  Do not be afraid of them or their faces, neither be ye discouraged nor be intimidated by the words or the reaction of some; for ‘I AM’
have sent thee, and I am with thee to deliver thee.  My presence shall be with thee to deliver My Word with signs, miracles, and wonders of the ancient of days … and I am
thy witness.”
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