The First Charge: Idolatry and Immorality  
Jeremiah Chapter 7.

Revelation is one way God discloses his message to a people or a nation. This was accomplished through the ministry of
prophets, to whom God communicates what he wants said. The phrase in Jeremiah. 7: 1, 2  “ thus saith the Lord” or its
equivalent appears throughout the Old Testament.  Jeremiah for example, frequently uses this phrase as a means by
which we can know that the message is God’s message and not Jeremiah’s.  The essence of revelation is that the
message has come directly from God himself.

As it is today in America and the nations of the world, so it was in Judah; the Judeans were superstitious. They sinned
every sin and worshipped Baal, but thought that they were safe because they had the temple in their midst. But not
even the temple (the church) in their midst could save them so long as they kept on committing these awful sins against
the true God.

Shiloh was the city where a sanctuary was erected to Israel’s God; it was destroyed by the Philistines (1 Sam 4:10). Even
as God had destroyed Samaria’s sanctuary, so also would He destroy Jerusalem.

God forbids Jeremiah to pray for Jerusalem, it is beyond prayer, for the decree to destroy has gone forth against a people
who have sinned unto death. God will not hear any prayers on their behalf.
Now if I may ask, has America gone beyond prayer, and will God forbid his true ministers to pray for America?

The queen of heaven, a name by which Ishatar, the Mesopotamian goddess of love was known.  After the fall of
Jerusalem the refugees who fled to Egypt continued to worship her (Jeremiah Chapter 4). A papyrus dating from the
fifth century B.C, found at Hermopolis in Egypt, mentions the “Queen of Heaven” among the gods honored by the
Jewish community.

Human life, animal life, and plant life will all be affected by God’s judgment. This judgment would differ from the flood
only in its extent, i.e., this one would be limited.
Judah refused to learn anything from experience. They set their own will against God’s will. They spurned the law of
God. They walked in the imagination of their evil heart. They went backward, and not forward. They said they would
obey God, and then did the opposite. God sent his prophets to warn them and to threaten them, but they were as deaf
to the prophets as they were to the laws of God. And so judgment fell and the righteousness of God was sustained.
In the same way that America is defiling the House of God today, Judah had defiled the House of God, and in so doing
defiled the God of the temple.
Jer. 7:32.  I commanded them not. Human sacrifices are everywhere forbidden in the Scriptures. God never even allowed
for the possibility for such a thing.

The Second Charge: the Stubborn Refusal to Repent   
Jeremiah Chapter 8.

In this chapter Jeremiah specifies how awful the destruction and judgment of God will be for this wicked people. But he
also shows that the judgment is righteous. The God of holiness and love is also the God of Justice and judgment for
those who sin against his holiness and decline his love.

By instinct birds know the times and seasons—when to fly south and when to return home in the spring, when to mate
and when to produce little ones. God’s people have no regard for instinct, reason, or revelation. They go their merry way
that leads to death.
Some people do not have the Word of God. As it is in America today, Judah was fortunate in that it had the word; but it
rejected what it had. And greater light, when rejected, brings greater judgment.

False priests and prophets assured the people that all was well. Thus they aided the situation slightly. They put a
banded over what they thought was a superficial wound, when it was really a malignant cancer.
The snorting of his horses was heard from Dan, i.e., the report of the invaders’ presence in the far north is know by the
neighing of their horses—a sign of the immense strength of the advancing Calvary troops.
The people knew about men who could charm poisonous snakes so they would not bite. The advancing armies cannot
be charmed, so their bite will kill off the resisting Israelites.

Balm. Gilead produced a medicinal balm noted for its curative powers. Israel’s sickness, however, could not be cured by
any medicine. Its problem was spiritual, not physical.
Jeremiah spoke about sin and judgment, but he did so with a broken heart. He neither rejoiced at iniquity nor was he
glad for the calamities that were to take place.

Third Charge: They are Faithless Liars Who Must Be Punished  
Jeremiah Chapter 9.

So low had the moral heart state of God’s people become that no one could trust his neighbor. They are characterized as
slanderers, liars, cheaters, oppressors, and deceivers. When this state of affairs is common to a people, society cannot
function properly and life is disordered, uncertain, and on the road to ruin. When such conditions exist in churches, their
spirituality is dead and they no longer have power. A dead church is like a body without a soul; it is a corpse.

God’s people have committed a double sin. They have left their first love, the God of Abraham. This sin is bad enough.
But the vacuum created by the absence of the true God led to the active pursuit of Baalim; many other gods were
substituted in place of Jehovah. Man is incurably religious; few can stand the absence of anything religious. Thus there
is a tendency to fill the gap with gods of man’s own creation, a lamentable state of affairs and one that calls forth the
judgment of a righteous God.
Men will always glory in something. When they do not glory in God, to what then do they turn? Here wisdom, might,
and riches become the triad of human achievements in which men take pride and in which they glory. True glory
consists in the knowledge and understanding of God, whose attributes are love, justice, and righteousness, a triad of
attributes not to be found among this apostate people.

Circumcision was practiced by heathen people as well as by Israelites. Among the heathen it was a physical matter.
Among the Israelites the rite of circumcision was both physical and spiritual. Circumcision without spiritual motivation
and the covenant implications meant no more than circumcision meant to the heathen.

Scripture readings: Jeremiah Chapters 7, 8, 9
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The Reasons For the Impending Destruction
As it was in Judah, so shall it be in America
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